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©2018 by Córdoba City Tour.

Córdoba City Tour English Bus / Independencia & San Jerónimo, Córdoba Capital, Argentina.

About us

It's an attractive and picturesque journey from the second floor of the historic and original Double-Decker, Bristol Lodekka Bus, manufactured in Liverpool England on September 11, 1964. After having traveled through Europe and much of New York City. It was transported from the Port of Baltimore in Maryland United States to Argentina, in mid-November 1997. So since May 1, 1998 we have been officially offering our service to humanity, known worldwide as the City Tour. Our sightseeing tour, which starts out at the central Cathedral, and will take you around to visit the most emblematic sites of our city, in just one hour and twenty minutes. It reaches the places of tourist interest, with a guided circuit in Spanish and English, in a personalized way.


Input from Checkin TV / 2016

Input from Correcaminosmundo / 2018

Input from MASTER CR. / 2019

Input from telefe Córdoba / 2019

Input from elshowdelatele / 2015

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